Socio-ecological Transformation

FES defines socio-ecological transformation as the development towards an ecologically and socially just society. Our projects and programs aim to explain the imperativeness of this transformation due to the reality of climate change. We put a focus on all social aspects of this ongoing transformation, which should ensure to leave no one behind.

Our Projects in Egypt:

In this area of work, FES Egypt fosters the dialogue on socio-ecological transformation with different partners in government and civil society. The projects aim to create a discourse on how to mitigate the environmental and social consequences of climate change and ecological degradation for the citizens and most affected communities in Egypt.

  • Climate Justice: The Middle East belongs to the regions that are hit the hardest by climate change in terms of food insecurity, desertification, water shortages, and extreme weather conditions. FES promotes policies which address this disproportionate impact.
  • Social and Sustainable Cities: FES provides support and resources for urban development projects that prioritise social inclusion, environmental sustainability and promote equitable and resilient urban planning.
  • Just Energy Transition: Egypt primarily relies on non-renewable fossil energy. FES aims to promote a transition to and expansion of renewable energy sources in a socially equitable and sustainable way which creates new job and income opportunities. Furthermore, together with our partners we advocate for the reduction of energy usage, e.g. through expanding public transportation and reducing dependence on private vehicles.


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