Empowerment of Civil Society

While civil society organisations are an integral part of socio-economic development, there is always room for improving their societal outreach and impact. FES Egypt, along with our local partner organisations, works on strengthening the capacity of non-governmental and grassroot organisations to enable them to engage with relevant socio-economic topics.

Our projects in Egypt

In that context, FES works with groups of selected NGOs to enhance their collaboration, structures, capacities, and methodological engagement to address the social and economic challenges facing the country.

  • Promoting civil society participation: FES empowers civil society by advising and enhancing the capacity of selected organizations and local actors to participate in public affairs, improve their organisational structures, develop relevant skills, engage in public debates on various issues, and ultimately strengthen progressive institutions and processes.
  • Empowering youth: FES fosters the empowerment of young people by encouraging their social and political participation, e.g., through of educational programmes and specialised training.



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