Socio-ecological Transformation

Socio-ecological transformation is about the just transformation towards an ecologically and socially just society. The program aims to explain the imperativeness of this transformation due to the reality of climate change and puts a focus on all social aspects of this ongoing transformation, which should ensure to leave no one behind.

Our Projects in Egypt:

In this area of work, FES Egypt fosters the dialogue on socio-ecological transformation with different partners in government and civil society. The projects aim to create a discourse on how to mitigate the environmental and social consequences of climate change and ecological degradation for the citizens and most affected communities in Egypt.

Our Partners:

FES Egypt and the Center for Environment and Development of the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE) work on mobility issues, providing scientific research in the form of policy briefs on development topics in Egypt, which have a high impact on all citizens.

FES Egypt works with the Ministry of Environment on capacity development of the Ministry’s technical staff in the areas of biodiversity protection, ecological tourism and air pollution as well as climate change.

FES Egypt cooperates with the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies on the future of energy in Egypt. The project aims to exchange knowledge between energy experts in Egypt and the region on energy transition towards an increased use of renewable energy.

FES Egypt collaborates with the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) through its office for environmental compliance on raising awareness about local SMEs in the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency as well as resource governance and CSR.

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