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تراكم لا ينفع

Over the past four decades, the real estate and construction sector has played a central role in Egyptian political economy. The last decade in particular has seen real estate development linked to ambitious plans to utilize state-owned land in desert areas, financed by major investments poured into infrastructure services, sometimes in partnership with foreign capital.

Real estate has functioned as a driver of growth, employment, as well as a mobilizer of savings. At the same time, the Egyptian state put its desert land reserves to use, generating financial overflows to combat its persistent financial crisis.

Consequently, land…


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The Policy Paper is based on a Research Study which was part of a Policy Advocacy Campaign that focused on inclusive and active mobility, in favor of less greenhouse gas emissions. The paper aims to raise awareness, advocate for changes in policies, regulations, and interventions in the neighborhood of Heliopolis. The objective of the study is to impact the understanding of the current state of affairs as well as support decision-makers in policy decisions in favor of the public inclusion and the empowerment of vulnerable street users.



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