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Social Dialogue as an Instrument to Enhance Socio-Economic Development

Despite the fact that dialogue is as ancient as history can go back, yet it recently recognized as an instrument to reach consensuses within society and a buffer to prevent conflicts between nations. This booklet illustrates in depth the importance, levels and types of dialogue in addition to draw some lights on social dialogue and how to establish successful and productive dialogue. This publication is available in Arabic language.


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Social Justice and the Right for Development

Social Justice is simply the just and fair relation between individual persons and the society they are living in. It has to do with the fair distribution of opportunities and wealth among all individuals without any distinction. In this book the writer tries to link the concept of social justice, the existing efforts exerted to achieve it and how far is the distance between the concept and the fact on the ground. This publication is available in Arabic language.


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FES Calendar 2016 (topic: Economy)

This calendar was available in Arabic and English language.


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