Socio-economic Development

We promote social and gender justice in the fields of

  • Social protection: engaging and complementing government efforts to set a social protection floor for all Egyptian citizens 
  • Health care and education: advancing strategies for a socially just provision of public health and education services
  • Employment: strengthening programs that promote active labour market policies for marginalized groups, such as youth and women
  • Gender equality: advocating to advance women´s participation in all aspects of public life

Our Projects in Egypt

Social Protection for All

Social protection is globally recognized as a basic human right, stipulated in the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights since 1948. It mainly focuses on empowering the marginalized and vulnerable groups through the provision of different instruments and services that help to improve their well-being, diminish their exposure to risks and address existing inequalities.

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Better Youth Employment Policies

According to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAMPAS), the unemployment rate reached 10 % in the third quarter of 2018, which is in fact challenging Egypt’s endeavors to achieve social and economic development and hindering all social and political stability attempts.

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Dialogue to Strengthen Educational Services in Upper Egypt

Access to quality basic education is fundamental to achieve national and international development goals. And, despite current efforts in educational reform in Egypt, sharp inequalities still remain in the current system, evident in enrolment rates, attainment levels, available infrastructure, teacher competencies and financial investment in education.

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Sustainable Economic Development: Financial Inclusion, Industrial Development & Renewable Energy

Financial inclusion remains the only way to enable the Egyptian economy to achieve high growth rates and sustainable development as it plays a significant role on ensuring access to financial services (pensions, insurance, etc). 

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Renewable Energy –Towards a Better Energy Future

The world is fast becoming a global village due to the increasing demand of energy across the globe, while the earth in its form cannot change. The need for energy and its related services to satisfy human, social and economic development, welfare and health is increasing. 

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