Empowerment of Civil Society

Despite the relatively large number of NGOs operating in Egypt, it is evident that their impact on society can significantly increase. Civil society organizations are an integral part of socio-economic development.

Our Projects in Egypt:

In this area of work, FES Egypt, along with our local partner organizations, works on strengthening the capacity of non-governmental organizations to enable them to engage with the relevant socio-economic topics in their communities.

In that context, FES works with groups of selected NGOs to enhance their collaboration, structures, capacities, and methodological engagement to address the social and economic challenges of the country.

Our Partners:

FES Egypt and Care International in Egypt have been working closely on strengthening the capacity of grassroots organizations in rural Upper Egypt to help them address different socio-economic challenges in their communities.

FES Egypt and the Ministry of Environment organize a Young Environmental Leadership Program (YELP). The program provides around 50 young people annually with a leadership training to enable them to become environmental advocates in their communities and in civil society.

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